Welcome to Cool Finds, my blog and place to share the retro finds that I uncover on my travels.

I am an avid collector and enthusiast of wide variety of things, and can be found scouring the op shops, garage sales, second-hand stores and the occasional hard rubbish pile in order to find my next piece of dusty gold. I live in the Dandenong Ranges, near Melbourne with my beautiful wife and family.

Some of my biggest areas of interest are.


  • Vintage guitar gear – pedals, fender guitars
  • retro gaming equipment – Nintendo – Sega – Intellivision – 80′s PC Games
  • Hand held games – Nintendo game and watch, namco
  • 80′s horror movie gear – VHS, posters
  • Deco and retro furniture
  • Cool and Well designed electronics – Tv’s, radios, computers
  • All types of music collectables – “grunge” era, Australian, progressive rock, synth music
  • Action figures & toys
  • Marvel Comics
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels and Art – Phillip K Dick, Piers Anthony, Terry Pratchett
  • Old Horror Fiction – Richard Layman – 70′s Pulp – Stephen King
  • Role Playing Games – Rifts / Palladium, D&D rule sets and modules
  • Boardgames – Talisman, Shogun, Risk, Large Scale Wargames, Dungeonquest, Space Hulk, Heroquest


I am constantly amazed at the items I find in the most unlikely places. Cool gear such as Nintendo Entertainment Systems from the mid 80′s on hard rubbish. I will have the Cool Finds online store setup soon in order to share with you some of the unique items that I come across and are selling.