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Some of this weeks finds


I have recently become aware of how collectable certain “clamshell” case VHS tapes are.

These are generally the tapes that you found at the video store, and they are made of thin plastic which snaps together and seals the cassette inside.
In later years, harder plastic cases were introduced.

Today I had some nice finds, an original Mad Max clamshell case in good condition, a Sleeping Beauty in fair condition and a few cool Sci Fi novels, one by Robert Heinlein and another by Poul Anderson, who wrote some great pulp Sci Fi (with cool covers).



1980′s Ninja VHS Tapes Becoming More Collectable


I remember going up to the local video shop with my mates when I was around 15. When you are a young lad, you are usually short on money, but have a lot of time to fill in. For this reason we always went for the 5 weekly movies for $5 deal, which provided us with a night of entertainment if we all chipped in a dollar or two.

Generally our criteria for filling in the “5 videos for $5 deal” was to select the trashier films. Most of the time the selection was filled with slasher horror, supernatural horror, classic horror (a lot of horror really) as well as your standard 80′s action films (Arnie, Van Damme etc.) and then also more martial arts type videos.

Some of the best of these martial arts movies were Ninja themed movies. They were generally the lowest quality, looking like they were filmed with cheap cameras somewhere in the Californian desert / mountains, or the backblocks of L.A . The directors backyard also seemed to be a popular location.

These films generally had awesome covers, which made them stand out on the video store shelves, and make them slightly collectable today.

Here is an Ebay search to give you some relevant pricing. $10 is about the going rate, although some good titles can be picked up for $5. Some of the more sort after titles are going for over $30

Here is a compilation of some of the high quality action you would see in such a film.

I will spare you from the high quality “acting” or “dialogue” or “plot” that these films had. A number of them were cut and paste jobs, where parts of Asian martial arts films were overdubbed and cut between some scenes shot by Americans in ninja costumes.

These are great items to start of your trashy 80′s VHS collection.

Yellow Gameboy 2

Coloured Original Gameboys


This great Gameboy find came to me as a complete set, with the case and magnifying viewer included.  You don’t see these coloured original Gameboys in Australia too often, so I did a bit of digging into their origins.

The first Off-White coloured gameboys actually came out in 1989. The original model were the only available type, until 1995. This is when a number of coloured models were released. The coloured gameboys were part of a release called “Play It Loud “, and came in packs with a case and game included.



The colours in this release were Deep Black (1995), Gorgeous Green (1995), Radiant Red (1995), Vibrant Yellow (1995), High Tech Transparent (1995), Traditional White (1995),Cool Blue (1995).

What I love about gameboys are just the simplicity of the unit themselves and controls. They really bring the gaming right down to a basic level, well below what people would have experienced on their console machines. The games do have a level of complexity to them which was of the age, but the experience is a lot more like the old Apple IIe, only on a smaller scale.

I have bought and sold nearly every type of Gameboy that there  is over the last 10 years, and now have at least one of each major type in my collection. They were generally quite an inexpensive purchase 5 years ago, and are still reasonable although prices are increasing, especially for certain rare releases.

They are also one item that the original packaging is rarely found with. People did hold onto their console packaging for whatever reason, but with handhelds this seems not to be the case. I regret having sold my Sega game gear a few years ago, although I still own an Atari Lynx in the original packaging and a stack of cartridges.

Hey I also found this site when looking into this, which is called Here is the listing page on this for gameboys

I am still to really dig into what all of the stats here mean, but it looks as if it gives the Mint In Box and not in box prices and rarity values for a heap of retro / video game collectables. Good stuff that I will be digging into more.


Dino-Riders Figures – Ebay Market Watch


As I have studied the completed items listing on Ebay over the last few weeks, one category of toys has really stood out for me in terms of high selling price combined with overall coolness. These toys are Dino Riders, and come from the 1988  animated series by Tyco and Croner of which there were 3 seasons in total

I myself did not have any of the toys or shows, and they had fallen off my radar until recently as they are quite rare toys to find at garage sales etc. here in Australia.

A VHS of the first season did come my way a few weeks back, and I am currently selling this on ebay

I think it was a show that only had limited showing here in Australia on commercial tv at the tome ( maybe very early Saturday morning on Channel 9) so that may have limited the number of kids that were into it, and as a result the number of toys sold here in Australia. This factor has made them quite collectable, in addition to the unique figures / vehicles and dinosaur combinations.

Currently the double packs of Figurines (The bad guys are caled the Rulons the good guys were called the Valorians) are selling for around $15. Most of the sellers are in the US, although there are more Austalian sellers coming onto the market as the sale prices are increasing.

Having futuristic  weapons and other gear mounted to dinosaurs was and still is unique, so these toys are sort after. Dino Riders are also one category of toys where you see a large number of MIB (mint in box) listings on EBay. I suspect this was due to them being high priced items ( the toys are large and motorised) and a lot of them were not sold to kids, but instead picked up by collectors at a reduced price on sale.

Mint in Box models of figures such as Edmontonia and Saurolophas selling in excess fo $300 consistantly

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