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Used Video Games – Great Playstation 2 Deals


I was lucky enough to score myself a Playstation 2 at Bondi Rd St Vinnies while on holiday up in Sydney. I have had my eye on a Playstation 2 for quite a while, having never owned one when they were new in the stores. I looked on Gumtree and Ebay but never quite got to the right deal on time. This one was at a very good price, and they even gave me a limited warranty if it didn’t work.

I was after a Playstation 2 as they are at that point of the secondhand curve where they are just obsolete, so people think that they are worthless. This is the time to buy up big (no matter what you are collecting). In this period, you can pick up games for $1 or $2 at op shops and garage sales, and pay low prices for large bulk lots. Everyone needs to free up space for their PS3 or WiiU game collections, and the PS2 games are donated or given away for a low price.


I just wish that I had the foresight for this when the Nintendo 64 went through this phase (the gamecube is still in it for some items). Once items go through this discard phase, they start to become rare and collectable. They are “retro games” (or fashion / music / toys depending on what you are collecting) and the prices start to increase over time dependent on the rarity and condition of the item.


So right now is the time to hunt around second hand places for PS2 games. As they are CD based they might not become as collectable as the cartridge based systems, but they are still great games.


Having come from the Wii, the graphics of the games are fantastic and the controller is novel and brings me back to my N64 days. I really think that although technology is pushing gaming further, there have been so many games released for a system like the PS2 that you could play an almost inexhaustible supply of them and not run out of games to play. People should not get stuck in the cycle of always having the newest things, and look at the resources that have already been created to fill all of their needs, including entertainment. Being caught up on “having to have the latest thing” makes you an easy target for commercialisation, no matter what your interest or taste.



I don’t spend anywhere near enough time gaming to warrant me spending $80 on the newest game title. Families with kids as well should look at getting second hand systems like this, as it is a great way to have an instant collection of games that they will love, and not have you forking out dollars to get the newest game.

Be More Sustainable – Re-use what you find


An important part of what I do is not just finding items for their collectability and “cool” factor, but also discarded items that can be re-used.

Quite often, the item that you need can be sourced from the local op shop or garage sale, or online at a cheap price from Ebay or Gumtree.   The hard rubbish pile from the council clean up is also a fantastic way to get your hands on household or garden items that can really add vintage character to your home.

We have some fantastic complete vintage pieces both inside and outside the house that have been sourced from second-hand sources. These are not particularly collectable pieces (although we have those as well) but they serve their purpose just as well as a new version that you would buy from Kmart or Big W

One of the most important environmental things you can do is to source something that has already been processed and created, from a local source. There is next to no environmental impact, no new energy has been expended into the creation of the item or oil used in its transport.  It was an item that has been discarded after its original use and was destined for landfill.


Pinterest has been a fantastic way for people to get ideas on the types of vintage items that can be re-used, and also just what can be created with discarded items.  Next time your are considering going out to the shopping centre and buying that thing you “just need to have” stop and think for a moment if there may be something that has been discarded or on sale via others that you can give a second life to.



Not only will you save money, you will be doing your part to live a sustainable lifestyle and be an example to others on just what can be possible.

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