One of the most collectable board games in retro gaming at the moment is the “Horror House” board game, released by Bandai in the mid 1980′s. From what I can see and have read play involves of moving around the house fighting monsters. This is accomplished by inserting a sword into an electronic death head to determine the outcome. You win if you hear a scream, lose when the monsters laugh. From all accounts it is fun to play, and has great graphics so that has made it quite collectable. I can’t get any figures on the sales figures while it was in print, or how big the actual print run was, but I am guessing a huge amount were not made as they are quite rate now.

The game has a small but very loyal fan base, mostly due to the nostalgia factor and great artwork. I have seen these games sell for excess of $400 in recent weeks, so they are definately one to look out for when out hunting for treasures. Here are some examples of the game cards

Very imaginative cards, like the “Woman with two mouths” and the “Spirit of Poverty”, certainly not your standard fare for a 1980′s mass market board game. I have read a lot of board posts about how people got the game as kids and it has left an big impression of them after it scared / freaked them out.  The Monsters look to be a blend of your traditional Universal horror monsters, and then Japanese horror monsters as well. Super cool and I can see why the collectability of full games is so high.

If you do happen to find one, the list of components in the box are :

  • Gameboard
  • Deathhead roulette (electronic: requires 1 C cell battery)
  • 39 monster cards
  • 6 king of demon cards
  • 1 guardian spirit card
  • 4 pass cards
  • 11 king demon chips
  • 1 sword
  • 4 tokens (men)
  • 1 instructions

Anyone out there have one of these or have seen one somewhere for sale?