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Jumanji Board Game and Picking Hot Collectibles


One hot item for board game collectors at the moment is the Jumanji board game, which was published in 1995 by Milton Bradley.


I can see the appeal of the board game for this movie, as the actual movie is about a magical board game. The game itself is modeled very closely on the actual game used in the movie, so it is a great tie in and fans of the film are very keen to have one.


It is just hitting that collectible point now. People who thought the movie was amazing as kids are now starting to have enough cash and knowledge to use ebay and similar sites to start tracking it down. I have said before that quite often items follow a cycle like this. I am sure that you could have picked these games up at garage sales in 2001 for $1 each as the kids had “grown out of them” and they were “just taking up space”. This is the time to be looking for items. Think today what was big 4 or 5 years ago, but kids are getting out of. These will be the bigger ticket items in 10 to 15 years. Hard to predict, but items toys Bakugan or Beyblades may fall in this category.


The Description on Board Game Geek fills in a bit more detail of the Jumanji game

“Choose your pawn and set out on a deadly journey. Decode rhyming card messages that could spell disaster! Roll 8-sided dice together to rescue a fellow player in danger! Fail to escape, and the jungle could swallow you whole! The only way out is to finish the game. Only then will the terrors of the jungle disappear…”


I am on the hunt for one now,  it  would be great to add to the collection


The going rate is around $45 if you can get your hands on one, although I have seen them go for up to $250 on Ebay if they are mint and enough people are after on at that time. They are very hard to find in that condition, and most now have some signs of wear. Sets with all pieces though are still quite common.


It is amazing which games are taking off in the collectibles market at the moment. Quite often it is not from the movies or tv shows that you would think, and vintage is not an accurate measure of the prices that people will pay. Once items go out of print / manufacture then they quickly escalate in price, especially for those with childhood memories or cult limited editions.


Happy hunting !

Bulk Magazine Lots and Garage Sale Tips


We currently have a bulk set of Motorcycle magazines from the late 70′s and 80′s about to list in the online store.


I have often seen these massive boxes full of car or bike magazines at garage sales or op shops, and wondered if there was any market for them? I have had some luck with video game magazines in the past, but it is quite often a hit and miss affair. Quite often the right collector needs to come along, and also it needs to be someone who sees the value of the information inside each magazine.


These Motorbike magazines for example have a wealth of knowledge on vintage motorcycles, and could really be great for a collector of fellow picker who wanted to sharpen their eye as the hunt for treasures. It is always great to know more information on all subjects, as you never know when you might come across a rare motorcycle part or even sign.


The lot for sale is


6 issues of Australian Motor Cycle News from 1984

4 issues of Classic Racer UK from the early 2000′s

48 Issues of classic Bike from the late 1980′s and early 1990′s

2 2005 Classic Bike Guide magazines



Also in my internet travels this week I  found these great tips for Garage Sale buying for all you treasure hunters out there.

Some great bits of advice that I follow myself, I had a few “that’s what I do!” moments as I read through them.


Along with the bigger picture advice are some really practical tips, such as

“If you are at a yard sale that has a “fill a bag of clothes for $5″ deal (or similar), you can get more clothes into a bag if you roll them up like a sausage rather than just stuffing them into the bag willy-nilly.”




“If you see an item that you may or may not want, pick it up anyhow and carry it around a bit, then decide. Because if you don’t, by the time you decide that you want it, someone else will have bought it and you’ll be kicking yourself the rest of the day. If you are yardsaling with small kids, try to hold their purchases too. I’ve seen situations where a kid will put down a toy for a split second and another kid will grab it.”


and the always useful …


“Also when shopping with kids, it’s better to have them actually pay for their own purchases. Why? The seller is more likely to give a kid a discounted price than they would the hard-core yardsailing parent. It also gives kids practice with handling money (and learning the value of it). It also builds their confidence in talking to adults. “


Please come back, and follow us on twitter and facebook for more tips and some great gear coming up for sale over the coming weeks.

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