I found this great Vintage Electronic set this morning, it’s a 20 in 1 Electronic Modular Experiment Kit from Science Fair today and just had to get it.

I have a few other similar sets and a Science Fair Digital Computer kit which makes cool analogue computing circuits but they are all enclosed. This is different, as the pieces are modular and you just connect them via wires.


I remember getting a Radio Shack 150 in 1 set (or it might have been Tandy brand here in Australia) for my 9th Christmas. I really got into it, built a ton of the included designs and really got my head around what each of the components do (such as capacitors and transistors) at that early age.


The sets were great because you could make alarms, radios, basic electronic games and simple computers with them. The box art is also good, and its a hands on retro collectible that you can use and still get enjoyment out of. Most of the ones that you find now are missing wires, and many have a few burnt out components and missing bulbs etc.

The digital computer kit that I recently found was missing all of the bulb fittings and bulbs, and the box had seen better days but it was still a rare (if unusable in its current condition) find.  I could see the kids of today getting into these if they gave them a go as it is quite interesting to learn and teaches you how things work.