As I have studied the completed items listing on Ebay over the last few weeks, one category of toys has really stood out for me in terms of high selling price combined with overall coolness. These toys are Dino Riders, and come from the 1988  animated series by Tyco and Croner of which there were 3 seasons in total

I myself did not have any of the toys or shows, and they had fallen off my radar until recently as they are quite rare toys to find at garage sales etc. here in Australia.

A VHS of the first season did come my way a few weeks back, and I am currently selling this on ebay

I think it was a show that only had limited showing here in Australia on commercial tv at the tome ( maybe very early Saturday morning on Channel 9) so that may have limited the number of kids that were into it, and as a result the number of toys sold here in Australia. This factor has made them quite collectable, in addition to the unique figures / vehicles and dinosaur combinations.

Currently the double packs of Figurines (The bad guys are caled the Rulons the good guys were called the Valorians) are selling for around $15. Most of the sellers are in the US, although there are more Austalian sellers coming onto the market as the sale prices are increasing.

Having futuristic  weapons and other gear mounted to dinosaurs was and still is unique, so these toys are sort after. Dino Riders are also one category of toys where you see a large number of MIB (mint in box) listings on EBay. I suspect this was due to them being high priced items ( the toys are large and motorised) and a lot of them were not sold to kids, but instead picked up by collectors at a reduced price on sale.

Mint in Box models of figures such as Edmontonia and Saurolophas selling in excess fo $300 consistantly