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Jumanji Board Game and Picking Hot Collectibles


One hot item for board game collectors at the moment is the Jumanji board game, which was published in 1995 by Milton Bradley.


I can see the appeal of the board game for this movie, as the actual movie is about a magical board game. The game itself is modeled very closely on the actual game used in the movie, so it is a great tie in and fans of the film are very keen to have one.


It is just hitting that collectible point now. People who thought the movie was amazing as kids are now starting to have enough cash and knowledge to use ebay and similar sites to start tracking it down. I have said before that quite often items follow a cycle like this. I am sure that you could have picked these games up at garage sales in 2001 for $1 each as the kids had “grown out of them” and they were “just taking up space”. This is the time to be looking for items. Think today what was big 4 or 5 years ago, but kids are getting out of. These will be the bigger ticket items in 10 to 15 years. Hard to predict, but items toys Bakugan or Beyblades may fall in this category.


The Description on Board Game Geek fills in a bit more detail of the Jumanji game

“Choose your pawn and set out on a deadly journey. Decode rhyming card messages that could spell disaster! Roll 8-sided dice together to rescue a fellow player in danger! Fail to escape, and the jungle could swallow you whole! The only way out is to finish the game. Only then will the terrors of the jungle disappear…”


I am on the hunt for one now,  it  would be great to add to the collection


The going rate is around $45 if you can get your hands on one, although I have seen them go for up to $250 on Ebay if they are mint and enough people are after on at that time. They are very hard to find in that condition, and most now have some signs of wear. Sets with all pieces though are still quite common.


It is amazing which games are taking off in the collectibles market at the moment. Quite often it is not from the movies or tv shows that you would think, and vintage is not an accurate measure of the prices that people will pay. Once items go out of print / manufacture then they quickly escalate in price, especially for those with childhood memories or cult limited editions.


Happy hunting !


New Stock, Strange Board Games and Weird Puppets


We have a heap of inventory coming into the Ebay store over the next week, with some great finds going up for auction. I have been finding a lot of great 80′s toys and merchandise, a well as some very unusual board games such as UBI, which is currently up for sale.

UBI is made by the same makers as Trivial Pursuit, but is quite a strange and abstract game. You have to give map co-ordinated to cryptic clues about geography, and build a pyramid from plastic pieces (as far I can tell, the rules are a bit confusing to say the least!). It comes in an interesting triangular box with an eye on it. One of the strangest games I have ever picked up in my travels, and well worth buying if you are a serious board game collector.

Here is the original commercial for UBI

I am a fan of board games based on TV shows (not to play them, just for the cool factor and the interest in just how far the boundaries of merchandising will go) and came across this interesting piece this week. It is a board game for the BBC TV show “On the Buses”.

It comes with a board of the town, 4 coloured buses and cards that tell you when and where the buses are to stop. I never watched the show but it was very popular in its time. Here is a YouTube clip from the show.

On a final note, I found this rather disturbing single of Orville’s Song by Keith Harris and Orville. There is something about the cover that is a bit unsettling… I had to YouTube this as well, and find out what the song was about. Orville doesn’t seem as creepy in real life (although he is clearly miming) but the song is TERRIBLE


Used Video Games – Great Playstation 2 Deals


I was lucky enough to score myself a Playstation 2 at Bondi Rd St Vinnies while on holiday up in Sydney. I have had my eye on a Playstation 2 for quite a while, having never owned one when they were new in the stores. I looked on Gumtree and Ebay but never quite got to the right deal on time. This one was at a very good price, and they even gave me a limited warranty if it didn’t work.

I was after a Playstation 2 as they are at that point of the secondhand curve where they are just obsolete, so people think that they are worthless. This is the time to buy up big (no matter what you are collecting). In this period, you can pick up games for $1 or $2 at op shops and garage sales, and pay low prices for large bulk lots. Everyone needs to free up space for their PS3 or WiiU game collections, and the PS2 games are donated or given away for a low price.


I just wish that I had the foresight for this when the Nintendo 64 went through this phase (the gamecube is still in it for some items). Once items go through this discard phase, they start to become rare and collectable. They are “retro games” (or fashion / music / toys depending on what you are collecting) and the prices start to increase over time dependent on the rarity and condition of the item.


So right now is the time to hunt around second hand places for PS2 games. As they are CD based they might not become as collectable as the cartridge based systems, but they are still great games.


Having come from the Wii, the graphics of the games are fantastic and the controller is novel and brings me back to my N64 days. I really think that although technology is pushing gaming further, there have been so many games released for a system like the PS2 that you could play an almost inexhaustible supply of them and not run out of games to play. People should not get stuck in the cycle of always having the newest things, and look at the resources that have already been created to fill all of their needs, including entertainment. Being caught up on “having to have the latest thing” makes you an easy target for commercialisation, no matter what your interest or taste.



I don’t spend anywhere near enough time gaming to warrant me spending $80 on the newest game title. Families with kids as well should look at getting second hand systems like this, as it is a great way to have an instant collection of games that they will love, and not have you forking out dollars to get the newest game.


Dino-Riders Figures – Ebay Market Watch


As I have studied the completed items listing on Ebay over the last few weeks, one category of toys has really stood out for me in terms of high selling price combined with overall coolness. These toys are Dino Riders, and come from the 1988  animated series by Tyco and Croner of which there were 3 seasons in total

I myself did not have any of the toys or shows, and they had fallen off my radar until recently as they are quite rare toys to find at garage sales etc. here in Australia.

A VHS of the first season did come my way a few weeks back, and I am currently selling this on ebay

I think it was a show that only had limited showing here in Australia on commercial tv at the tome ( maybe very early Saturday morning on Channel 9) so that may have limited the number of kids that were into it, and as a result the number of toys sold here in Australia. This factor has made them quite collectable, in addition to the unique figures / vehicles and dinosaur combinations.

Currently the double packs of Figurines (The bad guys are caled the Rulons the good guys were called the Valorians) are selling for around $15. Most of the sellers are in the US, although there are more Austalian sellers coming onto the market as the sale prices are increasing.

Having futuristic  weapons and other gear mounted to dinosaurs was and still is unique, so these toys are sort after. Dino Riders are also one category of toys where you see a large number of MIB (mint in box) listings on EBay. I suspect this was due to them being high priced items ( the toys are large and motorised) and a lot of them were not sold to kids, but instead picked up by collectors at a reduced price on sale.

Mint in Box models of figures such as Edmontonia and Saurolophas selling in excess fo $300 consistantly

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